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The Special Projects Centre was completed in 1999 and is one of
the most comprehensive stone
fabrication facilities in the world.

Located near to Jakarta, the SPC
was designed and equipped as a
'one stop shop' for all stone fabri-
cation work for major commercial projects, combining a marble and granite slab processing factory 
with a Design & Fabrication Centre
for specialist cutting.

The Slab Processing factory has
4 granite and 2 marble gangsaws
which feed 2 slab processing lines,
all supplied by Barsanti. There are
also 5 Tecna bridge saws and 2
Pellegrini mono-wires.

The Design & Fabrication Centre
has over 30 cutting, shaping and
finishing machines capable of large
scale production of marble or
granite furniture, vanities, columns,
in-lays and acid wash tiles.

click here to view a layout of the
factory and range of machinery

At the Special Project Centre, marble
or granite can be cut-to-size, shaped, polished, honed, sandblasted or acid washed. "You name it, we can do it!"





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